No. 1 Beauty Tip That Everyone Should Know About

17 Mar

This product can leave your skin, eyes, nails, hair, lips, body and basically everything look beautiful. Itching to know what this miracle product is? The product that will make you look beautiful naturally? The product that is cheap and easy to get? The one that won’t take much of your time? You’re probably going like, “Stop with the questions and get on with it already!!!”
This magnificent product that we all have access to is (drumroll)…WATER!
We all know water is life but not all of us know that water is beauty, here’s how:
1. Face masks, face wash, exfoliating scrubs…BYE BYE!
Drinking water makes your skin glow and leaves it looking healthy. Apart from that, it is a great remedy for acne and dry skin.
2. Shiny eyes.
Water does an amazing job to your eyes, so far there is no product out there that can make your eyes shine, apart from water. Keeping yourself hydrated and drinking enough water will make your eyes shine and look wonderful.
3. Amazing hair!
Water keeps your hair from getting brittle and makes it look healthier.

4. Lips
Are you suffering from cracked lips? Water is the way to go (this sounds like an advertisement, lol)
Another God-send for dried lips is Vaseline but since this article is not about Vaseline and about water, I’ll not go farther into that. It also makes your lips look fuller and gives them a nice (and natural) rosy color.
5. Nails
Water gives you nails (like your lips) a wonderful pinkish color and it helps them grow faster and chip less. What’s more annoying than your perfect nails getting chipped?
Water is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l
Another plus is that water saves you money, instead of buying some beauty products (Notice the “some”. I mean what would we do without some of our beloved Beauty Products, ignore my article ‘Cursed Beauty Product Companies’)
Hope this makes you drink more water and in case you’re asking yourself how much water you should drink, I’d suggest that for days when you’re not in the sun or doing any sports about 1.5 to 2litres. If you’re going to be in the sun a lot or you’ll be doing any sports activities you’ll need a bit more. Make sure you don’t drink too much water though. Like everything else, too much water is bad for you; you don’t want to suffer from water intoxification 🙂


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