How To Look Pretty (Without Makeup)

24 Feb

I’ve read many articles on how to look pretty au naturel but they always tell you to put on makeup even though the point was looking good without any. I don’t use makeup and this tips will help you look great without any.
1. Hygiene!
1.1 Shower daily and use deodorant: Part of looking good is smelling good, no matter how pretty you were, no one would really notice it if you smelled bad. Also, put on some perfume but only a small amount.
1.2 Exfoliate your skin weekly and wash your face twice a day: Exfoliating your skin will get rid of the dead skin on your face, making it look healthier and washing your face will help keep acne away.
1.3 Sunscreen: The suns UV-rays are part of the reason we get acne. Applying some everyday, even on cloudy or rainy days, will not only protect your skin from blemishes now but leave you with beautiful skin even during your 60’s.
1.4 Brush your teeth, if possible after every meal for a wonderful smile.
2. Drink lots of water: Water makes your skin glow and it’s also good for your hair.
3. Exercise: Exercise and eat healthy, this doesn’t only go for overweight people.
4. Keep your skin moisturized: This also goes for your lips. For smooth lips, apply lip balm whenever your lips get dry and avoid licking them, not only does it dry your lips but it’s annoying to other people if you keep licking them.
5. Shape your eyebrows: This is not compulsory unless you have bushy eyebrows or a noticeable unibrow.
6. Get rid of armpit hair: Armpit hair just doesn’t look good and it retains sweet, which can make you smell.
7. Be a happy person with a nice personality: Have you ever watched a movie and thought one of the characters was pretty until you found out they had a bad personality? You didn’t think they were pretty anymore, right?
8. Dress appropriate: Yes, you should follow trends but have a bit of your own style. Don’t wear things that are revealing, see through, tight or uncomfortable. Try to mix your wardrobe, too; have a few skirts, a few jeans, a few shorts instead of only having jeans.
9. Have a hairstyle that suite your personality and your face shape: Also make sure that your hair is healthy and clean. If you want you can also go for highlights. A good tip would be to highlight you’re hair a color that brings out your eyes. Make sure if you’re going to dye you’re hair it suite your skin tone: Orange hair on tanned skin won’t do you any good.


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