Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

22 Feb

We’ve heard the saying so many times but we never really take time to think about it. I’ll make an example. Let’s say that Ben told Ann she had an ugly nose. Now Ann had already heard the Beauty-is-in-the-eyes-of-the-beholder-saying so many times. She won’t remember the quote after Ben has said her nose is ugly. Instead, she’ll become insecure about her nose and start typing things on Google like: How to make your nose look smaller or decide for Rhinoplasty. Just because of one small comment.
It probably won’t occur to Ann that Ben just had his personal preference and that Chad thought her nose was beautiful…
This is the way it is with all of us, probably not so extreme though, a few comments is all it takes to make us insecure about a certain feature of ours. Just remember, before you start stressing yourself: There are 6 billion people in this planet, do you think it’s possible for all of them to think that a certain feature on you is ugly?

Note: Incase you’re wondering, yes, I did the Ann, Ben, Chad thing on purpose 😀


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