Teenage Girl Syndrome

20 Jan

Through out the globe millions of girls are affected by TGS (Teen Girl Syndrome) if you know someone with more than 5 of this symptoms…it’s sadly a case of TGS. Btw…it’s contegoius o.O

1. Language: If she/you talk like this: “He was like ttyl, and I was like omg are you ignoring me! Cause like he was and then i said tmb and he just like…ignored me!
2. She/you acts cute and dumb
3. Giggles and squeals alot with friends
4. Shows alot of skin
5. Gossip guru
6. Has lots of nemeses a.k.a jealous girls
7. Desperate to be popular/ would die if she/you weren’t popular
8. Too social that it’s annoying
9. 300+ facebook friends
10. Has a “BFFF”
There’s no cure for this TGS, luckily the victim of this wretched disease returns to normal at the end of their teen years.
WARNING: If the victim of TGS is male…he’s gay…


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